“Backyard Vacations’ Are Becoming More Popular

With fuel costs on the rise, a growing number of families in Canada are spending more time at home in their backyard enjoying the outdoors. To occupy the kids while the family is in the backyard – and to help children develop their co-ordination as well as giving them more physical exercise – parents are turning to outdoor playground sets.

These are not the simple backyard swing sets with two swings and a slide that you played with as a child – today’s high quality, sophisticated, wooden ‘play systems’ are multifaceted devices that offer a variety of choices and options such as swings, gym rings, trapeze bars, gliders, spiral tube slides, monkey bars, gang planks and tree houses, just to mention a few.

Generally speaking, outdoor wooden play systems are designed for children ages two and up, however, an infant swing can be used for children 8-12 months old. These sets are made to withstand all weather conditions and are easy to maintain – only requiring periodical staining or sealing of the wood.

And contrary to popular belief, your kids will use them in the fall and winter months as well as in the warmer weather months.

Popular play sets from Eastern Jungle Gym Inc.®, which manufactures a wide array of jungle gyms, include the Dream®, Sky®, Fantasy®, and Imagination® models. These play sets include clubhouses that range from 1.5m to 2.1m (5 ft. to 7 ft.) in height with multiple slides and activities. There is even a ‘Tree House’ model for the dad who never got around to building one of his own as a child …

… This article by Rolf Zimmerman of Eastern Jungle Gym continues in next weeks issue of Pool & Spa Marketing.


1 Response to ““Backyard Vacations’ Are Becoming More Popular”

  1. 1 Lavern Gingerich May 23, 2008 at 5:35 pm

    You are right.

    What is better than a trip to the neighborhood park, where children delight to swing, hang from monkey bars, and slide down curved tube slides? Is it not, to have an outdoor wooden swing set with all this and more in your own back yard?

    Having your own backyard playset means that your children can play outside at home instead of going to the park alone or waiting until you can take them. It also allows you to step outside after dinner and spend an hour of quality time with your children, swinging and sliding with them in your own backyard, without a trip to the park.

    Sometimes children get bored around the house. Outdoor playsets, especially large ones with lots of exciting features, can provide lots of exercise, entertain your children for hours on end with wholesome fun, and help keep them out of mischief.

    Given all the choices of outdoor lawn furniture and playsets available today, it’s easy to create your own backyard retreat that the whole family will enjoy. A picnic table for outdoor meals, lawn chairs and a fire ring to sit around in the evenings, and an outdoor playset for the children can all contribute to relaxing and profitable relationship-building times for the entire family.

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